Hello internet!

It’s been a while since I last blogged- almost 4 years now I think.  That would make me…. well… young enough to have been more concerned about my next date and my horribly accidental asymmetrical haircut than the bigger problems in this world.  (I wonder if the internet has already destroyed my former presence on account of it being incredibly embarrassing to everyone who encounters it.)  

Anyways, a little introduction- I am a post-bac prehealth student in New York City who has always taken a great interest in public advocacy, public health and new media.  This is a project born out of 1) My need to take a break from studying, 2) Personal experiences with cancer, 3) An ongoing research role in cancer control and prevention and 4) A hope that someone out there will read this, learn something new and take some action whether it be for themselves or for their community.

For anonymity reasons, I won’t be posting any super personal informations that will make it easy to identify me.  I will also not post anything on here that goes against the guidances of health professions ethics and conducts.  What I will point out in my posts is some informative information about new cancer researches, breakthroughs as well as some not so well thought out analyses of public awareness and the role of the physician.  (If I’m planning on being one, I might as well give some constructive criticism of the profession before it costs me my livelihood right?)

Anyways, enjoy! 


~Hoping to change the world through determinant naivety~




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